The most accurate daily demand forecasting for retail

Leverage the power of state of the art predictive modeling in your procurement planning
Optimize your inventory without any sales opportunity lost

What it Offers?

Predictive Modeling

Daily demand forecasts are made accureate by using multiple advanced predictive algorithms

Internal (price, promotion) and external (macroeconomic, social/ festival evemnts) factors are modeled to estimate the peaks and troughs.

Full Automation

To enable thousands of predictions week after week, all the processes are automated with intelligent algorithms.

You upload your data, configure the job, and get the forecasts with all required metrics in your desired location.

Big Data Technology

Our cloud hosted big data backbone can handle hundreds of stores having thousands of SKUs each for a business.

We have efficiently used distributed computing techniques to achieve computing scales that are needed for faster TAT.

Client System Integration

For Enterprise client, we can directly hook into their POS data and create the forecasts and send back the metrics.

If a client wants more precision, we provide custom model building help and integrate efficient models in the system.

How it Works?

There are four steps to value. In four simple steps you will get the forecasts in your hand, each time.

1. Upload your data

You can direcctly use your daily sales data. You need a simple structure to suit the needs. Enterprise clients will juyst have to share their POS data structure, our tool will do the rest.

2. Configure your job

We need a few simple information from you - holiday calendar of the market, your promotion calendar, any special occassions. You can create and save this configs for later use too.

3. Run your forecast job

You can schedule or immediately run your job. Depending on the ize of the data, it may take a few minutes to few hours to create the forecasts. For regular clients, forecats are run periodically through schedules.

4. Check the forecasts

You can download or get the forecasts in predefined format in specified locations. A set of interactive charts and reports are also available in the application site, where you can see many interesting metrics on your data and forecasts generated.

For a grocery retailer in North America, DemandPlanner was implemented for 40+ stores, each carrying 20K UPCs. External factors related to weather prediction, sporting and social events, along with pricing and promotions were used in modeling. As a result, we have achieved 85% accuracy in more than 80% cases.

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